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Murder in the Atchafalaya

A Hawk Theriot & Kristi Blocker Mystery


As a new Treasury agent, Kristi Blocker finds there is more to South Louisiana than spicy jambalaya, hot crawfish and cold oysters

She searches for two co-workers in the vast Atchafalaya Basin, a swamp larger than the state of Rhode Island. Then all hell breaks loose and Hawk Theriot tries to help the attractive young lady.

Though vastly different in style and technique, they combine forces to root out the conspiracy. They find the root of the evil is closer than either thought.


book review by Joe Kilgore


"Trixie’s unblinking gaze fixed onto whatever follows death as her last breath left her body."

A lot of things can kill you in the Louisiana swamps, not the least of which are water moccasins, alligators, and maybe even something unworldly called a Rougarou. But as the body count rises in this jambalaya mystery, it becomes apparent that the increasing death toll is mostly due to some very bad villains and some very tough law enforcers.

Author Riley does a first-rate job of steeping the reader in the milieu of South Louisiana and Cajun mores. From murders at mudbug fests to menacing mosquito swarms to monumentally malevolent snake pits, he puts the heat and humidly on every page. He’s also adept at weaving a spider-webbed plot that is both intricate and credible. There’s action, suspense, humor, and even a dash of romance in this gumbo of a novel that promises to start a series of adventures for Kristi and Hawk. Hawke.

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