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Murder in the Atchafalaya.jpg

Murder in the Atchafalaya

Publisher: Gum Shoe

Release Date: TBA


Set in the mysterious Atchafalaya Basin, Murder in the Atchafalaya mesmerizes with tantalizing intrigue, murder and betrayal. New friends must battle the complex web of deceit devised by old friends.


The Girl in the Woods



A dead young lady found in the National Forest.  A corrupt City Hall.  Big Money.  Throw a seductive pair of twins into the mix and Wade has his hands full trying to sort this mystery out.  When the suspects start shooting back, he and Sam have to protect themselves as well as the twins.  Another thriller in the Evergreen series.

Stranded in the Swamp.jpg

Stranded in the Swamp



Wade and one of the twins find a body one of his deer stands with Wade's name and phone number in his pocket.  While tracking down the suspects, Wade and Mindy are marooned in the Atchafalaya Basin, a swamp the size of Rhode Island.  It takes all of Wade's skills to keep them alive from the alligators, water moccasins and the largest swamp cat ever spotted in Louisiana.

Murder by Moccasin.jpg

Murder by Moccasin



A rattlesnack interrupts a poker game at the Lodge.  Okay.  More than interrupts when one of the players dies.  Secret affairs, bad business and the twins add a bit of humor to this extraordinary mystery.

Murder Under the Sun.jpg

Niki Dupre ---Murder under the Sun

Tammy Campo breaks out in blisters while basking in the sun on her dock, and her husband David is suspected of murdering her.

Convinced of his innocence, David's aunt hires Niki Dupre to find out what or who killed Tammy. Niki follows a trail of similar deaths to the maker of a suntan lotion in Natchitoches, the oldest settlement in the Louisiana Purchase.

At the production plant, things are not what they seem. After being ambushed on her first night there, Niki's investigation only gets worse. Every time they get close to solving the riddle, more pieces are added to the puzzle. Can they figure out who killed Tammy?

Murder on Spirit Island

Publisher: GumShoe

First in the Niki Dupre series. As a new private investigator, Niki finds corruption and deceit in Louisiana politics.

Murder at Tiger Eyes

Publisher:  GumShoe

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Second in the Niki Dupre series. Niki discovers that the stock market can kill.

Murder in Lake Palourde.png

Murder in Lake Palourde

Publisher: Next Chapter

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Set in the mysterious Atchafalaya Basin, Murder in the Basin uncovers the dark secrets of the Morgan City High School coach. dar

Murder by Rougarou.png

Murder by Rougarou

Set in the mysterious Atchafalaya Basin, Murder by Rougarou takes the mythical swamp monster to a whole new level.

Murder in Evergreen.jpg

Murder in Evergreen

The FBI send their newest agent, Wade Dalton, to interview a girl who turned up missing from Metairie. But when someone murders the girl in the room with Wade, everything in Evergreen changes.

Wade teams with the petite acting sheriff, Sam Cates, to investigate. Strange events take place in the small community, and Sam's father disappears. Things take a turn from bad to worse, and the team finds out that they're fighting an ominous foe with unimaginable resources.

Soon, the frightening truth behind the murder is revealed... and it's something neither could have expected.


Murder in Louisiana Politics.jpg

Murder in Louisiana Politics

Fifth in the Niki Dupre series. Even in Louisiana, killing your opponent is considered unseemly.

Murder Goes to the Dogs.jpg

Murder Goes to the Dogs

Dogs are a man's best friend -- until they kill him!

Murder & Billy Bailey.jpg

Murder & Billy Bailey

When a high school football coach is accused of inappropriate behavior, his wife turns to Niki Dupre to clear his name and reputation.

Soon, the investigation puts the strawberry blonde on a collision course with an eerie member of the Louisiana underground.

It appears that the private investigator has met her match... or has she?

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