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Murder in the Cemetery.jpg
Murder at the Haunted House
When the twins literally stumble over  a dead body, Hawk must track down the killer.  The twins can't help but get in the way during the investigation.  This is a fun quick read based on the Hawk Theriot and Kristi Blocker series. Included with the publication of Murder in the Atchafalaya, published by Willow River Press, an imprint of Between the Lines Publishing.
Murder of the Philandering Father.jpg
The Philandering Father
The father is dead and the wife, the girlfriend and the business partner all have the means, motive and opportunity to kill him.  Another quick read in the Evergreen series.
Murder and Rubber Chicken.jpg

Murder & Rubber Chicken

While attending a social function at the local library, Sam Cates’s uncle keels over. Autopsy results confirm he was poisoned.

After looking into the man’s past for enemies, Sam receives a note that changes the direction of the investigation. But what connects the murder to the girl who served the dead uncle's table?

Sam has to use all her deductive skills to find out the identity of the murderer. And then, she has to figure out how to prove it.

Murder of the Mayor.jpg

Murder of the Mayor

Two alligator hunters never dreamed that their catch of the day would be the mayor. Soon after, Wade Dalton is called in to investigate.

After the mayor of Kiln is pulled from the Homochito River, Wade starts sifting through the long list of business associates and girlfriends of the now-deceased victim. The mayor's disgruntled wife also has a part to play in the investigation.

But even with his powerful deductive skills and keen questioning, can Wade sort through the steamy affairs and catch the killer?

Murder for Lease.jpg

Murder of the Lease

Leasing is a cheap way to get the use of land... Until the checks get too high. Then, murder becomes a negotiating tactic.

When farmers get murdered, Wade looks at the money trail. One is the lease of the hunting rights to the farms soon after the murders. When he digs further, he finds another kind of lease: oil rights.

There is a connection between the deaths and the families who hold rights to the land. But can Wade find it?

Murder of the Sheriff.jpg

Niki Dupre --- Murder of the Sheriff

When the Sheriff of West Feliciana Parish is found murdered in his own jail, Niki Dupre is called in to investigate.

Soon, Niki learns that a local chapter of the infamous MS-13 gang is responsible. But they are hired thugs; gangs do not kill sheriffs without getting paid.

Murder by Mistake.jpg

Niki Dupre --- Murder by Mistake

Murder on Loan.png

Niki Dupre --- Murder on Loan

Murder at the Washateria.jpg

Niki Dupre --- Murder at the Washeteria

Murder Explodes with a Bang.jpg

Niki Dupre --- Murder Explodes With a Bang

Murder in the Hills.jpg

Niki Dupre --- Murder in the Hills

Murder for Ar.png

Niki Dupre --- Murder for Art

A Shot at Revenge.jpg

Niki Dupre --- A Shot At Revenge

Murder Minus Toes.webp

Niki Dupre --- Murder minus Toes

Murder Weighs on You.jpg

Niki Dupre --- Murder Weighs on You

Homeless For Profit.jpg

Niki Dupre --- Homeless For Profit

Murder in the Cemetery.jpg

Murder in the Cemetery

Murder by Decapitation.jpg

Niki Dupre --- Murder by Decapitation

Murder on Autopilot.jpg

Niki Dupre --- Murder on Autopilot

Murder Steals.jpg

Niki Dupre --- Murder Steals

Murder in the Cards - Spanish Edition.jpg

Murder in the Cards - Spanish Edition

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